87,602 participants from 169 countries

International Survey on Coronavirus

Many governments are currently implementing measures to help contain and slow down the spread of COVID-19. This dashboard provides an aggregated view of what people around the world do and believe.

Note: Figures only show countries with at least 200 respondents each. Data collected between March 20th and April 6th 2020. All averages are weighted by country-population age and gender (weighting in terms of income and education to be added soon)
Last Updated: April 6th 2020
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About the research team

The research team consists of an international team of academics across 12 different international institutions. The investigators are listed below by institutions.
University of Warwick: Dr Christopher Roth, Dr Stefano Caria, Dr Thiemo Fetzer (also Visiting Fellow at LSE)
Oxford University: Dr Lukas Hensel, Margarita Gómez
Princeton University: Dr Johannes Haushofer
Cambridge University: Friedrich Goetz
University of California, San Diego/ Bocconi University: Dr Stefano Fiorin
Harvard Business School: Dr Jon Jachimowicz
Boston College: Dr Gordon Kraft-Todd
Expilab Research / ESCI-UPF: Andrew Ivchenko
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Dr Erez Yoeli
IESE Business School: Dr Elena Reutskaja
NYU Abu Dhabi: Dr Marc Witte

Project details on OSF

If you want to adapt/use the survey of the "Measuring Worldwide COVID-19 Attitudes and Beliefs" project, please feel free to do so. Details and citation are available at https://osf.io/3sn2k/

About data

Anonymized data is available for non-commercial research use (License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International) here. We obtained exempt IRB review E-2065 from MIT.

Do you want to support this research? Do you have any questions?

We are looking for donors to help support further data collection, particularly, but not exclusively in developing countries. If you want to support this work, please contact us via email at team@covid19-survey.org